Are you planning an international event or meeting?

With my interpreting services, you can forget about language barriers and share your ideas with confidence and ease.

I can be at your side whenever you need interpreting:

  • English into Italian & Italian into English
  • German into Italian & Italian into German
  • Russian into Italian & Italian into Russian
  • Slovak into Italian & Italian into Slovak

Choose the type of interpreting you need
based on your event’s setting

  • Simultaneous interpreting

  • Consecutive interpreting

  • Whispered interpreting

  • Liaison (B2B) interpreting

  • Remote interpreting

Why should you work with a qualified interpreter?

While interpreting might look easy at a glance, it requires more than the understanding of two languages. Each successful interpreting assignment is the result of complex specialised education and training. Professional interpreters learn specific techniques and know how to:

  • Ensure accurate output and efficiently manage projects
  • Mediate between different cultures and backgrounds
  • Protect clients’ privacy and the confidentiality of discussions
  • Manage complex and delicate scenarios with confidence and professionalism

Such a nuanced skills-set cannot be improvised.

When you work with me, you know that “the language issue” is safely taken care of, allowing you to focus on the content of your conference or meeting and on making your Italian clients and partners feel at home.

To ensure accuracy and thoroughness during your interpretation assignment, I invest time in studying your topics and industry. Over time, I have specialised in different fields and knowledge areas.

Learn more about my expertise:

How does it work?

If you’re wondering what working with a qualified interpreter entails, read on for an overview of my process — which can easily be tailored to your needs.


You can contact me via emailphone, or Skype to discuss your interpreting needs. Please specify the date(s) and duration of your event as well as the language combinations for which you need support.


While I do my best to accommodate interpreting assignments at short notice, that might not always be possible.
To play it safe, please contact me at least three weeks prior to your event so we’ll have plenty of time for planning and preparation.

I’m based in Pesaro, known as the City of Music for being the hometown of composer Gioachino Rossini.
But I’m available for interpreting assignments throughout Italy and abroad as well as for remote interpreting jobs.


I can usually confirm my availability within a few hours. If I’m available, I’ll advise you on the interpreting type that best suits your event or meeting and send you a free quote within one working day.

Please note that the cost of interpreting services depends on a number of factors including the type of interpretation, language combinations, discussion topics, event duration, travel costs, and time. When you contact me, I’ll go over all of your requirements to provide an accurate quotation.


If you need assistance with language combinations I can’t offer, I will gladly refer you to expert and trusted colleagues.


As soon as you confirm the interpreting assignment, I start preparing for your event.
Preparations typically include:

  • Thorough study of your reference materials
  • Familiarisation with the background of event speakers
  • In-depth research on the topics of the conference/meeting
  • Creating terminology lists and glossaries for reference
  • Practicing based on archive materials related to your discussion topics

Your cooperation in the preparation stage is key to the success of your event. In the weeks (or days) prior to your event, I’ll ask you to share with me the full schedule, information on the speakers and participants, PowerPoint presentations and drafts of talks for your meetings and seminars, and any other audio/video materials you’re planning to share.

It can sound like a lot, but this helps me ensure the best level of service and manage even the most complex scenarios efficiently. Providing your interpreters with the information they need is the best way to maximise your investment.

I treat all the information you share with me as strictly confidential, and I’m happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for extra peace of mind.


On the day of your event, I’ll arrive at the location 30 to 60 minutes early to check the technical equipment setup (if any) and make acquaintance with the speakers and/or participants. You can just sit back and enjoy your conference or meeting in your preferred language.
After the event, you’ll receive my invoice (payable by wire transfer or PayPal).


Feel free to get in touch by phone or email to share your feedback and insights on my service. Your opinion on what worked well and what needs improvement matters and helps me refine my process and skills.

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