As an interpreter and translator, my job is to help you share your expertise and business story with your Italian audience. To do so effectively, understanding the language is not enough — which is why I invest time and effort into understanding the language, context, and requirements of your industry.

Over time, I have gained significant knowledge in several fields of expertise through study, research, professional development courses, volunteer work, and hands-on experience. While learning and keeping up with industry changes requires time and commitment, I take great satisfaction in using my know-how to help you communicate with your Italian clients and partners with confidence and ease.

Learn more about my specialisations:

Medicine, Dentistry & Implantology

Due to a stubborn impacted canine tooth, I was on and off the dentist’s chair for several years.

At some point, I met a dentist who had both the skills and the ability to understand my anxieties as a patient — and strived to make every step of the treatment plan as clear and understandable as possible by talking me through each injection, instrument, and procedure.

This decisive encounter marked both the end of my personal misadventure and the birth of my insatiable curiosity about the world of teeth. I started investigating tooth anatomy as well as associated pathologies and treatment methods — and continued to do so after my own treatment had concluded to keep up to date with the latest scientific developments, which are continually redefining what’s possible.

Dentistry and implantology have also made their way into my work as an interpreter and translator. With my dentist as a role model, I strive for clarity and confidence whenever I’m interpreting at an implantology course, helping a dentist and patient understand each other, or supporting an implant manufacturer looking to expand their business in Italy.

With my industry and linguistic know-how, I can help you tear down the language barriers that prevent you from achieving your goal: making each patient smile again.

Besides implantology and dentistry, medicine also plays an important role in my professional development and activities, both as a translator and in my volunteer work.

With such a combination of skills, study, and specialist knowledge, I can help you plan successful international medical trainings and meetings and ensure clear and effective communication between medical professionals and their Italian patients.

My tailored services include:

Interpretation at congresses, symposia, training courses, and webinars

Interpretation at trade fairs and B2B meetings (online and offline)

Interpretation for medical exams and dentist appointments

Translation into Italian of promotional materials for medical products

Translation into Italian of website content for medical and dentistry practices

Translation into Italian of educational and informational content for patients

Fitness & Wellness

To some of us, wellness is about that longed-for relaxation we seldom indulge in. To others, it’s a must-have daily dose of self-care.

But to you, it’s more than that. It’s a passion turned into a profession, a lifetime journey you want to share with the world.

Have you ever thought about bringing your cherished wellness universe to an Italian audience?

I can help you promote your treatments and products with the same care you’ve poured into creating them. And I can help you share your expertise by translating your specialised texts.

Here’s what I can do for you:

Support the promotion of your business or wellness centre at trade fairs and industry events in Italy and abroad

Provide interpreting services for congresses, symposia, training courses, and webinars

Create subtitles in Italian for your video lessons

Translate your blog posts and social media content into Italian

Translate your website, brochures, and promotional materials into Italian

Translate your fitness and wellness app and your specialised texts into Italian


In 2019, 28.3% of Italian residents chose to spend their holidays in a foreign country, with an upward trend compared to 2018.

While the current situation will probably lead to a decrease in foreign travel, Italians long to go back to normal as soon as possible. To some of us, this also means enjoying the freedom of travelling to explore new countries and cultures.

But what’s the perfect holiday in the eye of an Italian? Hint: We want more than monuments and luxurious accommodation. We long for an authentic experience, and we want to feel safe at our home away from home.

Clear and graceful communication in our native language is the first step towards making your Italian guests feel welcomed and valued. And it shows that you care about their safety and health.

If you wish to turn this difficult time into an opportunity to up your game and polish your content to win the hearts of Italian tourists, I’m here to help.

Together, we can transform your potential Italian guests into happy travellers who long to return to your local area or stay at your hotel.

Here’s what I can do for you:

Support the promotion of your hotel or tourist facility at trade fairs and industry events in Italy and abroad

Provide interpreting services at congresses, tourist board meetings, and webinars

Translate your website content, promotional materials, and newsletters into Italian

Teach Italian to your staff

Food & Wine

For many Italians, food is more than what keeps you up and running. It’s a true passion and a lifestyle with deep roots in our rich agricultural heritage.

But this doesn’t mean our culinary fancy is limited to local produce and wines. Our passion for food drives our curiosity and inspires us to try new flavours, taste new wines and spirits, and indulge in culinary experiences with a twist.

To elicit the desire for a savoury adventure in your Italian guests, you need captivating texts with a harmonious blend of the known and the unknown. With the right words, you can bring back sweet memories of exotic tastes and inspire exploration while showing your audience that their culture and background matter.

That’s the key to making your Italian clients realise your brand stands for quality products, exquisite flavours, rich traditions, rooted passion, and a commitment to excellence.

With my help, you can win the hearts of your Italian clients — as well as their palates.

Request tailored services for:

Interpreting at congresses, trade fairs, and B2B meetings (online and offline)

Interpreting at wine tastings and product presentations

Translating web and social media content for your restaurant or winery into Italian

Translating web and social media content for wine producers and food manufacturers into Italian

Business training & Coaching

Even in the era of automation and digital transformation, people are any company’s most valuable asset — an asset worth investing in by offering meaningful training and coaching.

With business training, you can help your employees understand the ins and outs of your industry and improve their organisational skills for enhanced productivity.

I can help you do that with confidence and ease if you’re:

  • A business coach working (or interested in working) with Italian companies
  • A business owner looking to hire an Italian coach or trainer to develop your corporate culture and internal communications
  • Interested in sharing innovative training methods and tools with your Italian audience

Here’s what I can offer you:

Interpretation at congresses, symposia, and conferences (online and offline)

Interpretation at workshops and webinars on agile working methods and processes

Translation of your educational and informational content on professional training and agile working methodologies into Italian

International cooperation

Did you ever have to welcome a group of Italian delegates to your company or institution?

Such occasions are a huge opportunity to raise awareness of your brand, but welcoming guests can be a daunting task. When you don’t speak the same language as the delegates you’re welcoming, breaking the ice and making them feel at home is tricky.

I can help you turn stress into success by:

  • Helping you forget about the language barrier
  • Giving your guests an opportunity to speak freely in their native language

Here’s what I can do for you:

Provide insights on the culture, mindset, and etiquette of your Italian guests

Provide interpreting services at official meetings, visits, and events

Support communications during leisure time and activities

Marketing & Creative texts

Effective marketing is critical for business success on the Italian market. To maximise your efforts and let your know-how and products shine, you need more than an understandable text.

A sloppy translation or a tone that doesn’t reflect your target audience’s expectations can harm your marketing campaign and hurt your brand’s reputation.

When I translate marketing copy and creative content, I pay attention to all the details: your product or service, your target audience, your brand profile and image. It’s the only way to find the right words to win the heart of your Italian audience.

Here’s what I can do for you:

Translate your website, corporate brochures, and business presentations into Italian

Provide creative translations into Italian for your slogans, product descriptions, and service pages

Translate your blog posts, newsletters, and social media content into Italian